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So I'm planning to do a Alice's adventures in Wonderland photoshoot in near future! I'm so exited! We are stilll in progress of finding right models but it's still looking good. We already have Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and The Rabbit.

We are going to make a visual type of Alice! Crazy clothes and make-ups & so on <3

So now the nice part! We are going to make a story/photbook of these pictures. Basically we'll ad the story to these pics. If anyone is interested about the book, just comment here or mail me :)

I'm going to submit some of the photos here too, but if you want to see the whole thing + a possible DVD + thanks , you need to buy the actual book :)
It won't be too expencive, don't worry :D
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So if you have anything you would like to know about me or my art, just go and ask 8)
You can ask anonymously.
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I have summer vacation and so far I've just been working.
Altought my work ended like a wek ago I haven't done anything.. I've just been studying like hell....

I haven't even taken a single photo this entire time... it sucks really bad.

I have so much things to do and I donät know if I have time to do it all..

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I've been working my ass off these past 3 weeks and itäs really coming out of my spirit.... I've been really down and kinda dark these past days and my will to go out was nearly 0%

But, however, I hav some pretty nice ideas now and I'm kinda exited about them. I've been thinking about emotions and the things that those emotions show themselves to me and how I picture them in my mind...

I hope that I'll be able to make those feelings real to you all when I'm ready with this idea...
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So The Eurovison Song Contest is going on right now.
And I must say I feel so embarrassed about or candidate...

Kuunkuiskaajat was so bad (-,-)¤

Okays, more important things!
I would like to have some points so if u guys have some extra ones I'll be more than happy to receive those if u wanna donate them away :)

Nothing more today, I think..

Oh yeah I've been having problems with submissing my latest work and it's killing me....
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I've been having problems with one of my new series and I don't know how to fixs those... So you have to wait a little longer for my " Fuck this shit" - serie......

And now, I've come up with a new idea (again XD !)
This one's pretty easy to do, I just need a make-up artist or then I'll ask if my model's know how to make those make-ups...

Also I've made up my mind and I'm gonna do my long-lasting serie : I'm going to photograph one photo every day starting next week.

Can't wait :D
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For those who like my works, I'll have some news coming:

I have two new series coming this week.
They both have different theme and I like them both very much.
Atought I still haven't edited the other serie but i have a good feeling about it.

And again the model for both of these series was :iconmattykun:
A BIG thank you for her :)

I've been creating new ideas for some new photoshoots, but I still have to arrange everything and this time it takes much time.... I think I have to ask some help from people who are used to arrange big meetings and so..
I also need to get all the clothes and stuf...
So this idea has to wait until I have more time and more money.

I've also been thinking about photographing a pic (not any random pics but really nice pics) per day kind of a project and I think I'll go for it :)

Well nothing else comes to my mind right now so good day to all of you :)

ps. Sorry if my english sucks, I gotta practise it a little.............
I have to be more active with my photographing 'cos I've been really lazy for some time now...

But tomorrow I'm going to my friends house and I'm gonna take my cam with me and look what the day will bring...

Oh yeah and soon my 2. year in high school is over and I have to go to work so I can get money to buy some new lenses...
And I think all my money will go to them....
This is so expensive but I have to bear it if I want to go pro someday :D
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I never really write these journal entries but I think I gotta learn to use these =_____= pain in the ass if you ask me....

But now to the business,
I've been ispired by Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland (altought the movie wasn't so good) and I've been thinkig about doing a photoshoot with the same theme. I've read different books and cosplays and pics and I'm finally having it all together in my head.

Now I just need to get the models and the place where I can shoot this thing... and ofcourse the dresses and other stuff...
I have to think this wise because I don't have so much money to spend.

But if anyone has any nice ideas I could use, pleace tell me, help is always needed.
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my name is Kiro
わたしのなまえわ 岐路 です
i'm a dead soul
i don't show my feelings
every night it feels like I’m breaking
choking to my own words
keep in mind that you don't know me
実際 愛したい 目の前の世界を
実際 でももう…